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Artopia is a web-app that make art
accessible to everyone by making it afforbable,
allowing you to enter this fantastic world.

Vue / Vuex / Vue-router - see


Plethora is a web-app that let the user
skim through the latest tv-show and movies
and add them to favorite/watch-later list,
without ever again miss a great show.

React / Hooks / React-router / Sass - see


Drop-news is a web-app that allow the user
avoid being overwhelmed by the pace of nowadays news.
I create a simple and less cluttering experience
to keep up with the news around the world.

React / Hooks / React-router / Sass / Express - see


Resfeber is a landing page for a travel start up
that allow you to hold your travel memories,
get inspiration from other users all in one place.
A password and email validation with Javascript
is added to the sign in form.

Html/ Css / Js - see

Goals Journey

Goals Journey is a web-app that allow the user
to break down the goal into small, actionable chunckes,
giving us the ability to start working on meaningful steps
towards the result that we want.

Vue / Vuex / Vue-router - see